One of our senior consultants took on an interim role working within the change programme team responsible for the implementation of Basel II across the Barclays Group. Compliance with Basel II by January 2007 is a regulatory requirement of the UK regulator, the FSA, and is laid out in EU law as the Capital Requirements Directive.

The role includes designing the approach and implementation of a method to ensure that all senior executives (as defined by the FSA) are aware of the implications of embedding Basel II in their businesses. We are also responsible for producing general training and awareness materials; raising the profile of the project across all Barclays business lines and creating a greater team spirit and motivation across the programme.

This is being achieved by updating the Basel II intranet site; designing and running educational and team events, departing from the established format; publishing a monthly bulletin; designing new communications processes; updating the programme communications strategy and creating action plans following the Barclays-wide Employee Opinion Survey.