Pizza Hut's employee satisfaction survey revealed five low-scoring areas surrounding communications behaviours. Cchange carried out in depth research using focus groups and came up with a detailed action plan.

Attitudes towards pay and benefits, career development, communication and values were a matter of perception. Cchange was able to create an action plan aimed at raising awareness.

But others, such as recruitment and the development of an employment brand, needed a revised strategy. Cchange was able to provide a comprehensive programme of communication across a number of channels. 

Communications, recognition and cultural projects measurably increased employee satisfaction in the areas of communication and values by 27% and reduced turnover in stores by 10%. The following year Pizza Hut UK reported their best-ever financial results and achieved the goals in their five-year plan a year early.

Brand soul

When the marketing department launched the results of its extensive "brand soul" research, Cchange was instrumental in communicating the results to staff.

Initiatives ranged from the development of graphics designed to bring the concepts alive in an accessible way, to interior branding of key office locations.

Cchange has gone on to work on store communication and recognition with the Change Manager at Pizza Hut. We have also supported Pizza Hut UK's move into franchising with recruitment collateral and initiatives to welcome franchisees to the Pizza Hut family.

Since 1999, we have produced material for the annual Pizza Hut dinner to celebrate successes across the business and for the annual roadshow when the Board presents results for the past year and the coming year's strategy. We also produce the company's annual Pensions Bulletin.