A consistent look and feel 

In 2000 Tricon established its Franchise Business Unit (FBU). The aim was to offer support to all European franchisees across the three Tricon brands - Pizza Hut, Taco Bell and KFC.

Cchange was charged with implementing a consistent look and feel across the organisation's communication channels.

As well as branding for the first Europe-wide communications meeting, Cchange re-launched the FBU's internal magazine and provided design and communications support for its new Vision. 

We also developed an intranet with special emphasis on user-friendly functionality. This includes a best practice library of regional marketing initiatives, together with marketing and training information. 

In 2002, the business acquired two new brands and changed its name to Yum! Restaurants International. Cchange helped to communicate the rationale behind this growth to the European business and franchisees.

Understanding statistics

Following the results of their annual employee survey, Cchange was commissioned to undertake qualitative research across the European business. We held focus groups within the UK, Belgium and Spain and trained a number of key managers to facilitate local groups.

The findings from this in-depth research were used to build a more robust communications plan addressing the issues of leadership, vision, HR processes and support from Head Office.

Building on our understanding

A year after the restructure of the European Franchise business, Cchange facilitated workshops for all employees across Europe to create their own action plans to improve the business.

Cchange presented the feedback to members of the Senior Management Team through individual coaching sessions and worked with them to develop employees' action plans into business solutions.

These solutions were grouped into five categories that formed the basis of the FBU's strategic plan for 2004. 

Expanding on our success 

The process undertaken with the FBU was regarded as a valuable and effective exercise that would benefit the entire European Business Unit that supports equity as well as franchise businesses. Internal research was completed in March 2004. We are now working with the Senior Management Team to produce action plans for the overall business, individual functions and personal communications skills.