Are you facing any of these challenges?

Is your business going through a transformation?  

Are you trying to integrate new acquisitions or restructure existing business units?

Are you implementing new systems or processes?

Do you have a new senior team and/or CEO?

Do you have dozens of mini-projects which could be aligned more effectively?

Are you attempting to change your positioning in the market?

Are you reducing costs? 

If so, do you have all of the following best practice elements in place to give your employees direction and focus during major change?

A well articulated vision of where your organisation is going

A clear roadmap of how and when you are going to get there with measurable milestones and checkpoints

A set of internal values and behaviours to take your people with you and an effective communications plan to ensure they are engaged with the changes at every stage

A well organised project team with the appropriate level of management, skills, experience and sponsorship

A clear idea of the benefits and a tracking system to measure results

A sound change management strategy and communications plan

A clear picture of how all the projects fit together