We put people and communication at the heart of your projects - combining values, passion and experience with common sense.

Cchange addresses organisational issues highlighted through employee attitude surveys, high turnover of employees, regulatory programmes and the impact of external forces.

We know how to facilitate senior teams, coach directors and managers, build, manage and motivate multi-functional teams, design communications strategies, implement procedures for monitoring progress, issues, risks, costs and benefits.

Cchange consultants have held senior communications roles within large and complex organisations, often at times of major transformation. We understand the need to get to grips with a situation quickly. That's why we produce reports written in plain English with realistic, achievable recommendations that we can help you implement.

In short, we know how to get things done.

Before we create any action plan, we need to establish a strategy, a set of "anchors" that draw all your activities together. And to do this, we need to understand what makes your organisation tick.

Over the past ten years, we have developed a methodology based on the 4Cs and the 4Is. We use these tools as a starting point to identify the most effective employee communications strategy and engagement plan for your business.

We audit the four Cs - channels, content, culture, change

What channels are already in place? Do you have team briefings, an information cascade, bulletin boards, a valued intranet, newsletters, social media, webcasts? Are they effective? Do you have regular roadshows and conferences? Are they open to all employees? How accessible is your top team? Can employees email the chief executive or use hot-phones to board members? Does your flow of communication allow for effective dialogue or is it a one-way street?

Do your channels have effectively targeted, engaging content? You may have any number of channels available to your target segments but if your content isn’t relevant to its audience, busy people won’t tap into it and your messages won’t get through.

Do you have a communication culture? Do your managers embrace communication or see it as an extra burden. If the attitudes are negative, they’ll undermine your engagement efforts.

Do you have major change programmes in place or imminent that will impact on your key messages and employee morale? If so, you should consider adding channels and content dedicated to keeping employees up to date, thereby mitigating the inevitable anxiety and rumour that impending change creates.

We review the four Is – inform, instruct, involve, integrate

Do your communications inform employees in a relevant and timely way? Or is the information “old news” by the time it’s delivered?

Do your communications instruct employees about changes that will directly affect their working practices? Is this presented with clarity and in the most appropriate format for various audiences? Does it take into account local employment legislation and works councils?

Do you involve employees in decision-making to gain their buy-in and loyalty? What activities are in place to engage and motivate teams through a meaningful dialogue?

How do you integrate your messages into a practical and effective communications plan? Are activities aligned across recruitment, induction, leadership messaging, business lines, product launches and change communications? How do you ensure that your internal and external branding is aligned?

From a European Global Markets perspective I can honestly say it’s been a revelation having Cchange on board to support the varied and often difficult communication elements we’ve had over the last year.

From initial discussions through development and delivery of our communication plan, Cathy has been instrumental in helping to shape our message to our wider internal audience.  

Refreshingly direct and always willing to listen and learn about the business, it’s been great having Cchange as part of our team.

Jason Beelders, Head of Global Markets Risk Practice
Chartis Europe